Our rainwater systems filter water before it enters the storage tank. Once filtered, the water is pumped to serviced appliances. The water harvested meets requirements for potable use.



  • Can be stored for later use

  • It's FREE

  • Can be used for laundry and to flush toilets

  • It's the best water for your plants and vegetables



  • Indirect gravity

    • Collected water is pumped to a high level tank (header tank) then allowed to supply outlets by gravity alone


  • Gravity only

    • In some situations, it may be possible to have a system that functions purely through gravity, requiring no pump and therefore no energy use


  • Indirect pump

    • An Internal tank (conveniently stored anywhere in the building) and a booster pump are used to provide a pressurized supply


  • Direct pump

    • Submersible

      • Pump located within underground tank directly feeds fixtures

    • Suction

      • Pump located within a control unit (inside the home) directly feeds fixtures